Ryan Robinson


Dr. Robinson couldn't wait to give back to the community where he grew up after he graduated from dental school. He was looking forward to helping people achieve their perfect smile. Dr. Robinson started his career as a general dentist and owner of Pike Creek Dental. Little did he know that a few years later, his background in dentistry would give him the opportunity to look beyond the teeth to something that could change his patient’s overall health...the AIRWAY! Dr. Robinson is Delaware’s first board certified Doctor in Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine. Dr. Robinson has created a new practice called The Pain and Sleep Therapy Center of the Delaware Valley. The Pain and Sleep Therapy Center focuses on finding the origin of the problem as opposed to treating with medications and “band-aid” fixes that have become so routine in today's medical society. The core value of our office is to restore the quality of life to all patients by providing the tools and therapies to decrease pain, increase energy and improve sleep. Dr. Robinson dedicates his time to treating craniofacial pain including TMD and headaches, sleep breathing disorders including snoring and sleep apnea as well as dentofacial orthodontics which focuses on proper development of the face and airway!